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Rules of Submission

We encourage the submission of original poetry in English on any theme.

•  No more than four original poems and / or translations.
•  There is no restriction on length.
•  We prefer submissions by email as a Word Document or in the body of the email.
•  Alternatively, our postal address is:

Oxford Poetry
Magdalen College
Oxford, OX1 4AU

•  Typescripts cannot be returned.

We will respond to submissions as soon as possible after the deadline,
1 November 2015.

Poetry Press from The Page

"Seidel’s anti-lyricism (he provides gorgeous poetic interludes) is aesthetically and ideologically congruous, ultimately a way of saving poetry from itself. Poetry which doesn’t seem like poetry." Julian Stannard Poetry Review "Being rich is not a crime, of course, but it’s noteworthy how often references to Seidel’s luxurious lifestyle come up both in his work and in discussions of it. The adoration of wealth seeps into critics’ minds, and then bubbles up as admiration for the poetry." Brooke Clarke Partisan

"I first met Li Po in a Chinese literature in translation class at Cal State Dominguez Hills." Joe Linker Berfrois

"Matthew Arnold’s God was a power, not ourselves, which makes for righteousness; that was bad enough; William James’s God was a power, one of ourselves (a regular guy and the Captain of the Team) working with us for our own ends, though neither He nor we know quite what these ends are—anyway, we pull all together. Whitehead’s God is slightly more respectable, as He ought to be; He is the Principle of Order. But like James’s God, he is wholly incapable of starting a Religion. TS Eliot NYRB

"The brink of extinction, in Friel, is a surprisingly stable place." Fintan O'Toole Irish Times

Oxford Poetry is published twice a year, and currently edited by Mika Ross-Southall, Lavinia Singer and Andrew Wynn-Owen.

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